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Sep 4 / Live at Heart, Örebro SE


July 4 / Putte i Parken, Karlstad SE

June 14 / West Pride Festival, Göteborg SE

Jan 19 / Showcase for Live at Heart, Karlstad SE


Jan 27 / Nya Tröls Bar & Restaurang, Malmö SE

Feb 24 / Simpan, Malmö SE

Feb 28 / Rum-ett, Helsingborg SE

April 27 / Studentkåren, Malmö SE

May 12 / Freundlich+Kompetent, Hamburg DE

May 18 / Lundakarnevalen, Lund SE

June 16 / Lundapride, Lund SE

Sep 8 / Mejeriet, Lund SE

Sep 14 / Café Leningrad, Riga LG

Sep 15 / Folkklubs, Riga LG

Sep 25 / Drop-inn, Copenhagen DK

Nov 16 / Babel, Malmö SE

Dec 15 / STPLN, Malmö SE



Sep 13 / Wermlands Nation, Lund SE

Oct 6 / Mejeriet, Lund SE

Nov 3 / Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö SE

Nov 23 / Charles Dickens Bar & Scen, Helsingborg SE

In the year of 2017 the Malmö based rock band Amaunet started playing together, and has since then performed regularly throughout Denmark, Germany and Sweden. Their sound ranges from pop to rock and is characterized by the singer Nari’s rough voice. The music is influenced by bands such as Kings of Leon, The Killers and Coldplay among many others.

Amaunet emerged from the blues rock band The Black Pistols founded by the guitarist Oliver Miller, as a solo project in 2015. He wrote a few songs that later were recorded together with the Iranian born singer-songwriter Nariman Mirzaie. After The Black Pistols’ first full length release in 2016 their sound took another turn when multi-instrumentalist Oscar Ahlbin, guitarist of the grunge-funk band OviRaptor Club, joined the band. Amaunet’s first release was ”Word”, which they recorded in 2017 at the studio Roasting House in Malmö. Amaunet continued to release singles independently and after the release of ”Pilot”, the band got signed by the US label Exquisite Noise Records, the same label who subsequently by the end of 2018 released Amaunet’s first EP – Supernovas.


Vocals / Nari Mirzaie
Guitar / Oliver Miller
Guitar / Viktor Hallberg
Bass / Josefin Hedberg
Drums / Oscar Ahlbin



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