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Jan 27 / Nya Tröls Bar & Restaurang, Malmö SE

Feb 24 / Simpan, Malmö SE

Feb 28 / Rum-ett, Helsingborg SE

April 27 / Studentkåren, Malmö SE

May 12 / Freundlich+Kompetent, Hamburg DE

May 18 / Lundakarnevalen, Lund SE

June 16 / Lundapride, Lund SE

Sep 8 / Mejeriet, Lund SE

Sep 14 / Café Leningrad, Riga LG

Sep 15 / Folkklubs, Riga LG

Sep 25 / Drop-inn, Copenhagen DK



Sep 13 / Wermlands Nation, Lund SE

Oct 6 / Mejeriet, Lund SE

Nov 3 / Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö SE

Nov 23 / Charles Dickens Bar & Scen, Helsingborg SE

Amaunet started in 2017 with an ambition to cover up the gap of Indierock in Sweden. The band brought inspiration from alternative, rock, indie and pop and welded these together to what would be Amaunet. The band's ambition was to be an alternative way from today's popular music, which uses a lot of electronics. Amaunet created their first album in the summer of 2017, which they have chosen to release in single format in 2018. Amaunets lyrics deal with clear and unexplained events from the band members' lives. Themes for the texts are up to the listener to determine, define, love or hate.


Vocals / Nari Mirzaie
Guitar / Oliver Miller
Guitar / Viktor Hallberg
Bass / Josefin Hedberg
Drums / Oscar Ahlbin



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